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August 2021 - Hiatus

I have spent eight months on the island of Hiatus rather than adding an update. Well, there has been a pandemic so that was the best I could do in the way of travel.

Oh, you are right, it is not an island, but it is such a brilliant word that I looked it up:

Merriam-Webster said ‘Hiatus comes from hiare, a Latin verb meaning "to gape" or "to yawn," and first appeared in English in the middle of the 16th century. Originally, the word referred to a gap or opening in something, such as a cave opening in a cliff.’

Yeah, that is it, there has been a big yawn between updates. Just checked my watch and it is about two years since my book was launched. Book sales are still trickling in and every one of them is appreciated. However, I’m still waiting for the Netflix mini-series, the big-budget movie deal and the offer of the England captaincy (football or cricket – I don’t want to be too fussy). I could give the book one last push or let it gently meander into the sunset.

Well, it was nice catching up but I have to jump onto the boat back to Hiatus now.


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