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December 2019 - Cheating

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

I'm on a once-a-month trajectory for my newsletter/blog/update/Arthur (whatever you want to call this) and really don't want to miss December. However, amid the business (or should that be busyness) of Christmas I don't really want to put down my mince pie and mulled wine to write something. I've also been thinking that I want to switch the monthly updates to the start of the month, rather than the end of the month. Putting all these factors into a pot (with the leftover Turkey, some surplus sprouts and that annoying plastic moustache from a wayward cracker) and stewing for an hour has created the answer: Cheat. I'm sorry it has come to this and I feel guilty, but I think it is just a little cheat.

I'll just paste in a link to my recent guest post on Indie Authors World. To tell you the truth, I'm rather proud of this article about the Seven Unexpected Wonders of self-publishing - so here goes:

I hope you have had a good Christmas and will join me in finishing the mince pies and remains of the mulled wine.

Big New year hug!

Mulled Jeff

Book update: As at the 8th December I had sold 267 books. I'm guessing at about 280 but am awaiting confirmation.

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