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May 2020 - It is all about the image

Indie Authors World, who helped publish my book, managed to organise some free training about twitter, facebook, e-mails and marketing. I think I have learned quite a lot. Including using images (free from

Sorry, I thought I’d put a picture in here whilst I remembered – I'm not sure if it worked or what is meant to do - but I have done it. I really fancy a drink now - this image inserting must be thirsty work.

So, what have I learned from the training? There are at least five tips I have picked up:

1 - The training has made me realise that I could be doing so much more to promote my book. The only thing is that I might have to quit my job and get rid of my family to ensure I dedicate enough time to book marketing.

2 – People are more interested in posts on facebook, twitter or on a blog if there are images. For a blog, you should have at least two images per post - oh yes, hold on. What about this one?

(sorry, you are right, I am just clowning around now - but that is a young me in the middle)

3 – Blogging posts should be concise, quite short, you know - not use too many words, kind of describe things in as short a number of words as possible. Oh, it isn't as easy as it looks.

4 - Include your website address on your e-mail address and a link to your book at the bottom of each blog post - oh so simple, but I'd never thought about that.

5 – Twitter is really good for connecting with new people. I know, I know - I will get around to it.

In other news:

  • I have finally smashed (in the crawled desperately sense) through the 300 books sold mark

  • Amazon dropped the price of my book to £2.70 before they zinged it back up to £12.99. Oh algorithim, oh algorithm you are a mystery.

  • My book is a top 100 Amazon bestseller (my re-categorisation strategy of last month meant I momentarily reached number 28 in their budget travel category). I'm happy with that!

  • The money raised for the Meningitis Research Foundation has risen to £1,422 - I am 70% of the way to my target.

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