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September 2020 - Monastery of the Holy Gateaux

There is nothing to see here.

I'm just practising using free pictures and working out how to give them credit. Um, not sure whether that one worked. I'll try another. Typed in 'Spectacular' on Pixabay and the following image was one of a number that came up.

I've been here. It is Meteora in Greece. There are a number of beautifully remote monasteries. My favourite was the monastery of the Holy Trinity which was used as a baddie hide-out In James Bond's 'For Your Eyes Only'. When I arrived at the Holy Trinity, at 9.20 in the morning, it was really quiet and a monk asked me to sit down. He then offered me a seat whilst he gave a tour to a couple around who were looking to get married at the monastery. As I waited he provided me with a hot chocolate, cake and a large helping of gateaux. He then returned to give me a personal tour.

The monks were so nice to me that it was tempting to join the order. However, the trek back from the bars in the town would have been tricky and I have a feeling a daily gateaux breakfast may not have been good for my arteries. Oh, here it is, my monastery of the holy gateaux and I may have learned to provide a link to the photographer on the picture.

I'll bring a one year book anniversary update next month. Okay, strictly that will be a one year and a month or two anniversary, but I'm hoping you aren't counting.

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